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Robert Fleck: Kunst und Natur
Hundertwasser, Neuseeland und der Entwurf einer ├Ąsthetischen ├ľkologie

Only German Version available!

Art and Nature
Hundertwasser, New Zealand and the plan of an aesthetic ecology

Since 1975 Hundertwasser had been transforming a New Zealand valley on the shores of the Pacific North East into a neo-jungle. There he developed his artistic, ecological and architectural ideas.
Along his personal observation of the artist’s untouched homes and places of work and his long-term knowledge of Hundertwasser’s art Robert Fleck reconstructs Hundertwasser’s unpretentious way of life. By this practice the artist established a peace treaty with nature and a vegetative painting as the art of the 21st century.
In Hundertwasser’s vision of an aesthetic ecology the rule that imitation of natural processes produces contemporary perception of beauty opens out into a world conception for our new century.

publication date: September 1, 2016
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