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Hundertwasser Architects

Friends, such as the architects Peter Pelikan and Heinz Springmann, were vital to the success and exemplary effectiveness of all Hundertwasser architecture. Hundertwasser found congenial partners in them who implemented his ideas, his objectives and his philosophy in their plans. Hundertwasser admired their skill and knowledge. Other members of Hundertwasser's "architecture family" are the model builders, Alfred Schmid, a friend of many years, and Andreas Bodi and their teams.

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Pelikan

Studied architecture at the Technical University, Vienna
Worked since 1972 for the City of Vienna in the Town Planning Department
Since 1980 architectural realisation of and collaboration on Hundertwasser's architectural projects.
Peter Pelikan was the artist's closest collaborator in the field of architecture.

Dipl.-Ing. Heinz M. Springmann

Freelance architect
Born in 1951 in Rielasingen, District of Constance, Germany
Studied architecture at the Technical University, Stuttgart
The main focus of his work in the field of architecture lies in town planning, contemporary architecture and the preservation of historical monuments, and since working with Hundertwasser above all architecture and ecology.

Alfred Schmid

Born in 1950 in Vienna, lives and works in Klosterneuburg near Vienna
Studied architecture at the Technical University, Vienna
Since 1975 studio for architectural models
Since 1980 collaboration with Hundertwasser

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Bodi

Born in 1963 in Mödling, Lower Austria,
lives and works in Maria Enzersdorf near Vienna
Studied geodetics at the Technical University, Vienna
1984 beginning of model making activities
Since 1986 collaboration with Hundertwasser's model builder Alfred Schmid, later on autonomous collaboration with the artist
Since 1986 independent sculptural works, shown in exhibitions since 1993