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Since the early fifties Hundertwasser concerned himself with architecture, and for the rest of his life he pursued his interest in an architecture more fitting to nature and humans.


Nude demonstration

He began his involvement with manifestos, essays and demonstrations, which were later followed by architecture models that he used to illustrate his ideas of an afforestation of the roof, tree-tenants, and the window right, as well as by architectural shapes, such as eye-slit houses, the high-rise meadow house, the spiral house or the pit house.


As an architecture doctor he created non-regulated irregularities and barriers of beauty, and in the end he was able to realise exemplary architectural projects where the window right and the tree-tenants exist, as well as the uneven floors, forests on the roofs and spontaneous vegetation.

Window right

In his architectural work Hundertwasser replaced monotony with variety, and the grid system with the organic and non-regulated irregularities.

From: Hundertwasser 1928-2000, Catalogue Raisonné, Cologne, 2002, Volume 2