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Art object and creative architecture game, 1992-2004

"DIE HOELZERSIEBEN is an architecture game, building blocks for adults who still can and still want to dream and for children who have not yet had their creativity taken away from them."
Hundertwasser, November, 1999

Hundertwasser had this idea for a creative art and architecture game that would preoccupy him time and again from 1992 until shortly before his death. Many years passed before the right kind of wood from sustainable forestry was found and the wood pieces could be printed in an elaborate silk-screen printing process that involved 130 print runs in seven different colours. The pieces of wood had to be picked up individually by hand several times, resulting in each specimen becoming an original and unique object. DIEHOELZERSIEBEN were produced in a limited first edition of 2000. This art and architecture game offers countless possibilities to arrange animated building blocks into “architecture for you and me.”

Applied Art