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District Heating Plant


Spittelauer Lände 45, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Vienna has the persistence of its Mayor Helmut Zilk to thank for Hundertwasser's having taken on the task of redesigning the exterior of the Spittelau district heating plant.

Originally Hundertwasser had opposed the idea, upon consulting his friend, the environmentalist Bernd Lötsch, as he had fundamental objections to a garbage-incinerating plant as long as all possibilities for avoiding garbage were not exhausted.

But when it was promised that the plant would be equipped with the most modern emission-purification technology, that 60,000 apartments would be heated whose emissions would otherwise be a further source of pollution, thus making Vienna's air cleaner, and in view of the fact that a metropolis such as Vienna would need a garbage-incinerating plant despite the greatest efforts to avoid garbage, Hundertwasser finally agreed to do the design.