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Thermal Village Blumau - The Rolling Hills

8283 Blumau 100, Austria

Rogner BadOn invitation of Robert Rogner Hundertwasser accepted to plan hotel- and hot springs facilities and designed them as an architectural landscape in harmony with nature. Various architectural concepts, such as the eye-slit house, the forest-courtyard house, the rolling-hills and shifted-hills houses were realised here for the first time. All buildings are completely overgrown with vegetation to wander and walk upon. In the Rolling Hills nature, art and creation are a unity. The longings of human beings for romantic and togetherness in an architecture in harmony with nature have become reality. In 1997 the Thermal Village Blumau was awarded the Austrian Environmental Award for Tourism. On the occasion of the ITB 1998 in Berlin Robert Rogner and Hundertwasser were awarded the 1998 Prize for outstanding services to tourism by the Association of German Travel Journalists.