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Integrative School, Heddernheim, 1987-1995

Kupferhammer 93, D-60439 Frankfurt

Kindertagesstaette Heddernheim On the initiative of the chief of the cultural authority of the City of Frankfurt am Main, Hilmar Hoffmann, and the chief of the building authority, Hans-Erhard Haverkampf, Hundertwasser was asked to design a day-care centre in 1986 on the occasion of an initiative to create more kindergarten facilities. As part of a development project for the northern districts of the city, the city government donated a plot at Urselbach, a naturally restored brook on the site of an abandoned factory. After Hundertwasser's design and the model of the day-care centre were approved by the city, Alderman Haverkamp commissioned Hundertwasser to design an integrative school, whose construction was planned to take place on the other side of the brook, but which was not realised.