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Maishima Sludge Center


2-1-1, Hokkoushiratus, Komohana-ku, Osaka-City, Japan

Sludge Center Commissioned by the City of Osaka, Hundertwasser also took on the project of architecturally redesigning the sludge treatment centre located near the MOP incinerator. The plant was built to recycle sludge in order to produce bricks, tiles and floor slabs. The planning for this 170 metre long, 110 metre wide and 40 metre high industrial building, with a 140 metre chimney strack, was done by the Japanese architectural office Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc.

Sludge Center Hundertwasser designed a fully planted spiral for the lowest third, i. e. roughly 30 metres, of the smokestack; it winds its way up organically, rising irregularly. He also devised a special irrigation and water regulation system for the plantings.